Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall is a noted director with a storied background in both longform and commercial production. His commercial credits include work for major brands such as United Airlines, eBay, Burger King, Gannett, and Puma. Throughout Mike's creative work, you will see a unique blend of editing skill and technical knowledge that results in a diverse body of work. Mike's work has been featured in an assortment of venues, from airline seat screens and in-app ads, to feature films on cable networks, prime time playoff game commercials, screen projections for large-scale events, and narrative video games. Early in his career, Mike was routinely referred to as a “Swiss Army Knife” of production: often asked to wear many hats on productions, he honed his skills in the edit bay and on set. This varied experience has led to him directing and editing multiple long-form projects for Showtime Networks before moving into commercial direction. Mike is a believer in fearless collaboration, always leaning into the best ideas for the project, no matter where they originate.

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